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1967 Austin Mini Cooper S 1275 race car


Original "Italian Job" movie stunt driver and Mini racer, Phil Wicks, is offering his highly successful 1967 Mini Cooper S 1275 race car for sale. This car was originally an SCCA racer and has the original race log book from 1972. There is also the current up-to-date log book.
Phil Wicks has raced and prepared the car for the past five years, competing in 42 vintage races with 39 first-in-class wins and many overall Group 1 first place wins. This Mini carried Phil Wicks to first place in the Walter Mitty at Road Atlanta for the past five years. It also took Wicks to first place at the Gold Cup at VIR for the past five years.
The car (nicknamed Snoopy) is a genuine MK 1 all-steel-body vintage race car. Specs include all Swiftune engine internals -- steel billet crank shaft, Carillo rods, Carillo clone Cosworth pistons, ultra lightweight one-piece flywheel and racing clutch, cam shaft, cam followers,
cam gears, roller rockers, cylinder head -- are all lightweight Swiftune parts. Two 45 DCOE split Webber carbs, race transmission with LSD, 4 pot KD aluminum calipers and vented
disc rotors. This car was rebuilt to this spec by Phil Wicks personally in 2010 and is maintained regardless of cost by Phil Wicks Racing. The car comes with two sets of lightweight 10"6" race wheels fitted with Hoosier wet and dry tires. For video of the car winning many races, go to Phil Wicks On Track.

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